Blog Series

It’s typical for parents to have so many questions about the many, many contexts of their children. People write books about children’s eating, sleeping and potty training. Discipline and the surrounding topics are always a fine line as well. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get all aspects perfect, and as long as you are doing your best, you are doing great. 

The last thing parents have time to do is to keep afloat the scientific research that pertains to the aforementioned contexts of children. Can you imagine? That sounds exhausting. So I have taken it upon myself to help in this area. While I can’t promise I could ever keep up with everything, I will choose topics that I feel are important but are a little less popular than others. This series will really be a positive insight for all parties. With my background in the social and emotional realm of child development, I think those topics will be heavier, but not the only topics. In these series of blogs, I will tackle the results of scientific findings and give ideas on how to use the information in your everyday interactions.

I am taking suggestions on topics as I continue to take notice of the themes that are prevalent in our everyday classroom. The first in our small series of six will be intergenerational learning. I can't wait to share . . .